Josef G Landman Automat.


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Joseg G Landman - Preets
Mod. JGL Automat 65/68

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Re: Josef G Landman Automat.

hi, the gun you have was a sort of german counterpart, back in the '60es, to the Armalite's AR 7 of Stoner parentage. It was then famous, having been used in the second James Bond movie. There was then too a craze for the thompson smg, M1 Carbine and Mauser C96 handgun. there did then come out a row of look alike of those guns based on the AR 7 action. Ole jgLandmann got the message and hurriedly got a "cousin" of the AR7 in production. it was fiirst made in 1965, of a heawy zamag low melting alloy, afterwards it was produced in an alluminium alloy. The first model was the Thopson lookalike, without the scope-rail. The innards were similar to those of the american cousin, and with some work could be used in it. The firm is gone out of businnes in the '70ties and Ole Landmann died jears ago. The most sold model was the MP-like short version, which was used by the Manila Costabularry back in '68. More info if there is some interest
By, Gunkel
PS the right name of the city is Preetz, whith P
Freetz is a parcel post operator

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