30-06 Norma TipStrike


TIPSTRIKE™ is developed for stopping power, combined with a penetration strong enough to reach the vital organs of the game. The polymer tip, assures the expansion and gives a devastating shock effect, through the construction of the bullet jacket. To maintain a high retention weight, the jacket is reinforced with a mechanical lock. This makes TIPSTRIKE™ an outstanding bullet for driven hunts, and other forms of hunting where an immediate stop is crucial.   170 grain. 20 stk. í pakka.

7.980 kr.

Hlað 30-06


Hlaðið af Hlað í nýjar patrónur, 150 grain Sierra Gameking veiðikúla, 20 stykki í pakka.

6.400 kr.

30-06 Norma Kalahari


Frábær sterk veiðikúla sem fer í gegn, lágmarks kjötskemmdir. 150 grain. 20 stykki í pakka.

The unique bullet design of Kalahari sets the new standard. It is loaded with selected lots of powder to ensure the highest possible velocity within safe pressures to give the  attest trajectory attainable. It also gives the best possible ballistic coefficient and lowest wind drift achievable at normal hunting ranges. Bullet expansion is controlled and restricted – only the front third of the bullet will expand. Six razor-edged petals will separate from the shank for maximum wounding effect, leaving the rear part of the bullet unimpeded, guaranteeing deep penetration.

Lastly, the proprietary coating almost eliminates metal fouling in the bore – the usual curse of other copperbased monolithic hollowpoints.

9.500 kr.

30-06 Springfield Hornady Interlock 150 gr


150 grain hefðbundin veiðikúla með mjúkum oddi, hentar vel til hreindýraveiða. 20 stk í pakka.

5.200 kr.

Hornady . 30-06 Cal. 165 gr GMX


Frábær kúla til veiða á stærri dýrum til matar, ekkert blý svo kjötskemmdir í lágmarki, kúlan sveppast vel og 95 % af upprunalegri kúluþyngd helst saman. 20 stykki í pakka.

9.500 kr.

30-06 Norma EcoStrike 150 grain


150 grain EcoStrike, einn albesti kosturinn þegar leitað er af sterkri veiðikúlu. Koparkúlan er mjög sterk og kúlan sundrast ekki í bráðinni. 20 stk. í pakka.

10.400 kr.