Meopta - Meostar S2 82 mm HD

Meopta - Meostar S2 82 mm HD


Eitt öflugasta einglyrni sem fáanlegt er, vandaðar HD linsur með 82 mm safnlinsu og 20 - 70x stækkun.

The ultimate precision observation instrument.

 Brilliant, true-color fidelity is what you need and what you get with the MeoStar S2 82 HD spotting scope. For the discerning bird watcher and nature observer, the smallest and most intricate details matter most, so Meopta has designed and built this spotting scope to the standards of our most demanding users. Smooth, direct-drive central focusing brings your world into picture-perfect focus, with a brilliantly clear field of view from edge-to-edge and dawn to dusk. Innovative MeoDrop hydrophobic lens coatings protect your optics from water and debris when observing under challenging weather conditions.

MeoStar S2 82 HD spotting scopes are available in either straight or angled versions.

357.000 kr.