GPO Golf Flagmaster fjarlægðarmælir


The GPO FLAGMASTER™ 1800 Golf Laser Rangefinder will make your game better by merging exceptional optical performance with the latest rangefinding technology. It is equipped with a fast-focus ocular which helps you locate the object you want to range. Center that object in the view-finder reticle, press the button and the FLAGMASTER™ will quickly calculate the actual or slope distance for you. Know your distance and elevate your game.

54.200 kr.

GPO Rangetracker fjarlægðarmælir


The new RANGETRACKER 1800 is designed to meet all your hunting laser rangefinder needs. In the development of the RANGETRACKER 1800, emphasis was placed on intuitive user-friendliness. The integrated visual TargetFinder feature, and SLOPE technology are combined with one of the fastest laser rangefinding systems on the market.

51.200 kr.



The GPO RANGEGUIDE™ 2800 10×32 is the logical and consistent expansion of our very successful rangefinder line with the “big brother” 10×50 as well as the very compact and powerful Rangetracker™ 1800 6×20. With these new x32 models, GPO follows the desire of many customers for many years and sets a new market standard in this area: underneath the high-quality outer design is a magnesium housing with magnesium bridge. The x32 RANGEGUIDE weighs only an incredible 690g and is extremely compact. The highly coated HD lens system with red OLED display shines with brilliant optics and unique fields of view of 112m (at 1000m). Thanks to GPO’s optoelectronic expertise, we were able to make it even more powerful: Like its big brother, it measures targets at a distance of 2.8 km, has an integrated clinometer and is extremely fast with 4 measurements per second. In addition to the manually adjustable illumination control in 9 levels, it also has a level with automatic illumination control (depending on the ambient brightness). It not only measures temperature, but also air pressure and humidity. The comprehensive scope of delivery includes eyepiece and objective lens covers, a neoprene carrying strap and a hard case for safe transport.

158.000 kr.



Frábær handsjónauki frá GPO með innbyggðum fjarlægðarmæli. 10x stækkun og 50mm framlinsur húðaðar með GPObright húðun gera hann bjartan og skýran. Mælir upp að 2800 metrum, leiðréttir færi eftir halla og gefur upp hitastig. Kemur í fallegri tösku með ól ásamt ól á sjónaukann og linsuhlífum.

Þyngd 1 kg.

236.000 kr.