The Blaser Ultimate knife has a rotating blade and an accurately fitting Kydex sheath. The break-open blade with a bulged tip ensures that the game is broken open cleanly, in particular preventing injury to the rumen.

The rotating belt clip allows the knife to be attached to the belt in a flash and in various positions. The knife can also be removed from the sheath with one hand; when inserted into the sheath, the knife locks reliably with an audible "click".

A drain hole in the sheath ensures that water, for example, does not remain in the sheath and can drain away. The orange design makes the knife easily visible and helps to prevent loss when breaking open in the forest. A carrying loop on the non-slip handle has been omitted to ensure that the lock can be opened with a flick of the wrist.

Orange finish with orange sheath and black belt clip.

Steel 12C27 Sandvik

14.220 kr.

Roselli hnífur merktur Sauer


Einn flottasti hnífurinn til hreindýraveiða, kemur í vönduðu hulstri.

39.800 kr.

Gerber Moment Hnífur


For unmatched control and precision, this full tang fixed blade knife offers a balanced design and comfortable grip. The fine edge, drop point blade affords ultimate utility for hunting and camping tasks alike. Gut hook feature also available.

5.200 kr.

Gerber Moment Hnífur m. krók


For unmatched control and precision, this full tang fixed blade knife offers a balanced design and comfortable grip. The fine edge, drop point blade affords ultimate utility for hunting and camping tasks alike.

5.500 kr.

Gerber Fastball Vasahnífur


The Fastball is an American-made EDC knife that lives in the place where precision and polish meet. The trend forward yet practical design has an intuitive finger flipper opening, a utilitarian wharncliffe blade, and an aircraft-grade aluminum handle. Equipped w/ B.O.S.S. Tech™, the Fastball lives up to its name offering quick, smooth deployment - every time.

17.400 kr.

Gerber Sumo Vasahnífur


The Sumo is a knife that means business, covertly nesting in a pocket, emerging with authority. This oversized knife is as assertive as it gets. Swinging freely with a pivot lock mechanism, this easy-to-operate folder is a detailed piece of art. Ceramic coated liners deliver a pop that draws attention, and layered G10 delivers a pallet for ergonomic interaction.

6.900 kr.

Gerber Gator Hnífur


With an iconic design, the Gator series has become synonymous with craftsmanship and field-tested durability. A portable folding application partners with the patented Gator Grip handle to offer unsurpassed comfort and ease of use.

11.700 kr.

Gerber Armar Cork Multi Tool


Even the most resourceful can use some help opening up a wine bottle – meet the Armbar Cork. It’s a smart design that fits in pocket like a folding knife and operates like a fully capable multi-tool. The Armbar features tools to handle the tasks that a pocket knife simply can’t handle: a corkscrew, foil cutter, pry bar, bottle opener, and can/package opener. It also handles anything your pocket knife could with a one-hand opening fine edge blade and scissors.

6.200 kr.

Gerber Vital Vasahnífur


Featuring one of the safest Exchange-A-Blade options out there, a surgically sharp blade cuts through game easily, requiring no extra tool if you need to replace the blade on the fly. The orange handle is easily spotted and a large finger choil adds stability.

6.900 kr.

Gerber Vital Aukablöð


Ready at a moment's notice, the highly visual orange case is easy to locate and operate on the fly. There are 12 replacement blades in the cavity, safely extracted without worry of reaching into a bag for a loose blade. The waste compartment keeps used blades in one place.

2.700 kr.

Gerber Vital Big Vasahnífur


Now larger to offer additional purchase for big game, this folder features Split Sec™ Tech - one of the safest exchangeable blade systems available. The surgically sharp blade can be replaced safely in seconds, and the grippy handle provides stable control.

9.700 kr.

Gerber Vital Big Aukablöð


Ready at a moment's notice, this upgraded carry case is easy to locate and operate on the fly. Featuring a quiet carry case, it prevents blades from rattling and offers stealth use in field. The hard case is safely stowed and extracted without risk of injury, storing both new and used blades in separate cavities for easy distinction.

3.900 kr.

Gerber Suspension Full-Size Multi-Tool


A field-tested classic that never disappoints, the Suspension is the benchmark tool of convenience and durability. The easily accessed butterfly design features spring-loaded pliers and a lightweight frame for long days and tired hands. With 12 other tools, you're always ready.

9.300 kr.

Gerber Center-Drive Plus Multi Tool with Bit Kit and Premium Leather Sheath


The Center-Drive Plus offers the uncompromising performance you've come to expect of your Gerber multi-tool. The upgraded Plus gives you more versatility with a pair of spring-loaded scissors, a 30% longer blade and a premium leather sheath so you can keep your tool with you at all times. The innovative driver sits on a center-axis to perform like a real screwdriver making your jobs easier and the one-thumb opening pliers save time in tricky situations. A powerful combination of tools, the Center-Drive Plus will be your first choice.

23.800 kr.

Gerber Highbrown L onyx Vasahnífur


The luxe design of the Highbrow takes the pocket dump up a notch. The assisted opening mechanism is smoothly activated by the convenient finger flipper. Ease of use is a priority with the ambidextrous design: the pivot lock can be accessed from both sides and the pocket clip can be arranged for left or right hand carry

9.600 kr.

Work Sharp brýni


Work Sharp hefur hér hannað fjölhæft brýni í fyrirferðalitlu áhaldi. Raufar með karbítblöðum og keramíkpinnum til að brýna og fínslípa hnífsegg á einfaldan máta. Einkaleyfisvarin „Pivot-Response™“ tækni leyfir notendanum að stilla brýningarblöð þannig að þeir fljóti eftir formi hnífseggjarinnar, frekar en að vera fastir. Kónískur demantspinni til að brýna tennt hnífsblöð.

Hentar vel til að brýna hefðbundna hnífa, flökunarhnífa, tennt hnífsblöð og klippur.

Work Sharp® Pivot brýni skilar hraðri, auðveldri og áhrifaríkri leið til að brýna hnífa af flestum gerðum. Convex-Carbide™ brýnipinnar (einkaleyfisvarin lausn) endurvekja bit hnífseggjar og kermíkpinnar fínslípa eggina til að ná hámarksbiti í hnífsblaðið. Að auki er kónískur demantspinni sem getur brýnt tennt hnífsblöð og fíngerðar eggjar ásamt því að vera með rauf til að brýna öngulkróka. Brýnið er fyrirferðalítið og passar vel í vasa, bakpokann, veiðitöskuna eða verkfærakassann.

2.400 kr.

Gerber US1


Drawing on decades of experience perfecting the folding pocket knife, the US1 is an American made testament to great design. The best-in-class 420HC blade is deployed with a simple nail nick and held in check by an easy to operate lock back design.

4.500 kr.

Niteforce Laser Bore Sighter


Öflugur laser til að aðstoða við að stilla sjónauka, inniheldur millistykki fyrir 177 - 50 cal og 12 - 20 ga haglabyssu.

6.800 kr.