Blaser Argali Light knife


Vandaður veiðihnífur í góðu hulstri.

10.650 kr.

Blaser Boker R8 Hnífur


Developed for hunters using the R8. It perfectly complements the features of the R BLASER PROFESSIONAL KNIFE. R8 Professional. Using the tilting allen key, you can handle the barrel exchange easily and swiftly. The drop point blade made from stainless steel (length: 9.5 cm) is exchangeable with a reversing saw blade. The grips are of original Blaser R8 Professional stock material and feature R8 Professional elastomer inlays for safe use. The fluorescent inlays make it easy for you to find your knife in the dark.

Blasers German Made (Boker) 440c Stainless tool steel Hunting Knife with interchangeable blade / saw with built in Barrel key.

23.400 kr.

Gerber Paraframe Vasahnífur


This lightweight everyday carry knife has an open frame that is the ultimate in minimalist design. Easy to clean, carry, and open, the Paraframe is an effortless addition to your pocket or belt clip. Available in multiple blade variations, this knife handles it all.

5.000 kr.

Gerber Bear Grylls Scout Drop


This survival knife for scouting is full of features to keep you safe. This lightweight portable folder offers a surprisingly tough drop point blade, ideal for cutting rope and edge retention. The rubber grip and lock back mechanism keep the blade in place.

6.500 kr.

Gerber Moment Hnífur


For unmatched control and precision, this full tang fixed blade knife offers a balanced design and comfortable grip. The fine edge, drop point blade affords ultimate utility for hunting and camping tasks alike. Gut hook feature also available.

5.900 kr.

Gerber Vital Vasahnífur


Featuring one of the safest Exchange-A-Blade options out there, a surgically sharp blade cuts through game easily, requiring no extra tool if you need to replace the blade on the fly. The orange handle is easily spotted and a large finger choil adds stability.

6.900 kr.

Gerber Vital Aukablöð


Ready at a moment's notice, the highly visual orange case is easy to locate and operate on the fly. There are 12 replacement blades in the cavity, safely extracted without worry of reaching into a bag for a loose blade. The waste compartment keeps used blades in one place.

2.800 kr.

Gerber Gator Hnífur


With an iconic design, the Gator series has become synonymous with craftsmanship and field-tested durability. A portable folding application partners with the patented Gator Grip handle to offer unsurpassed comfort and ease of use.

11.700 kr.

Gerber Grylls Ultimate Fine Edge Knife


Loaded with innovations and backed by Bear, this knife has everything. The knife features a fine edge, drop point blade, a textured rubber grip, a steel pommel, and an emergency whistle. The durable sheath has a sharpener and a firestarter.

16.400 kr.

Gerber Suspension Full-Size Multi-Tool


A field-tested classic that never disappoints, the Suspension is the benchmark tool of convenience and durability. The easily accessed butterfly design features spring-loaded pliers and a lightweight frame for long days and tired hands. With 12 other tools, you're always ready.

8.300 kr.



Gerber’s new multi-tool offers uncompromising performance through revolutionary design. The innovative center-axis driver opens to align like a real screw driver, yielding maximum torque and rotation. No productivity is sacrificed with the addition of a 30% longer outboard blade and one-thumb opening sliding jaws. Full size, real tools - the multi-tool just got a reality check.

18.800 kr.

Gerber brýni


Even with high quality steel and excellent craftsmanship, every knife must ultimately be sharpened. This sharpener features fine ceramic rods for razor sharpness and coarse ceramic rods for aggressive sharpening.

800 kr.

Gerber Vital Vasahnífur


Now larger to offer additional purchase for big game, this folder features Split Sec™ Tech - one of the safest exchangeable blade systems available. The surgically sharp blade can be replaced safely in seconds, and the grippy handle provides stable control.

11.600 kr.

GRS Femund hnífur


Vandar hnífur í leðurhulstri  heildarlengd 23,5 cm og blaðlengd 11,5 cm blað er úr ryðfríu 440C stáli.

24.800 kr.