Lyman Multi Tool


Lyman's Unique Case Prep Multi-Tool provides the reloader with all the essential Case Prep Accessories in one compact, double-ended storage tool. Unique handle unthreads in the middle to store all parts. Both ends of the handle are threaded to allow two heads to be mounted simultaneously. Are you looking for a convenient and efficient case preparation tool that can clean primer pockets and debur the inside and outside of your cartridge neck? Look no further, as the Case Prep Multi-Tool by Lyman is an affordable and quality accessory for case preparation. Order today!


Outside Deburring Tool
VLD Inside Deburring Tool
Large & Small Primer Pocket Cleaners
Large & Small Primer Pocket Reamers

6.870 kr.

Case Care Kit


Lyman Case Care Kit inniheldur verkfæri sem auðvelda vinnu við undirbúning á hylkjum. Auðvelt að festa á vinnuborðið.

8.900 kr.