Hikmicro Alpex 4K A50E


The new Hikmicro ALPEX 4K A50E Digital Day & Night Vision Scope can perform in all ambient light that is present, delivering a 24/7 shooting solution, with incredible image quality in day time, low light and in complete darkness.

It has an advanced 3840 × 2160 UHD detector, 50 mm lens, and 1920 × 1080 0.49” sub-round OLED display, providing full-colour clarity in daytime and classic black & white viewing at night.

The traditional-style 30 mm tube design meets the needs of professional hunters who value traditions and seek technological superiority.

The HikMicro Alpex 4K LRF features incredible performance, with an all new 3840×2160 UHD sensor, 50mm lens and 1920×1080 round OLED display, housed neatly in a traditional 30mm riflescope tube design.

An adjustable lens aperture ensures the perfect image in all lighting conditions, delivering a highly detailed image, with minimal pixelation, throughout the 3.5x to 28x mag range.

156.500 kr.

Lynx LH15 2.0 Thermal Monocular


Lynx LH15 2.0 is the perfect tool for the professional hunter, outdoor enthusiast or birder looking for game and birds. Thanks to the advanced 384 × 288 sensor with 12 micrometer pixel pitch and a thermal sensitivity of NETD < 20mK its easy to see all heat signatures even during harsh weather conditions. Lynx 2.0 features an impressive detection range reaching up to 750 meters.

169.500 kr.

Hikmicro Thunder 2.0 Clip-On TH35


The HikMicro Thunder 2.0 Clip-On TH35PC thermal imaging attachment, engineered to enhance your rifle scope with advanced thermal imaging capabilities. With its lightweight design and easy mounting system, weighing just 538 grams without batteries and compatible with various adapters featuring M52 x 0.75 threading, this clip-on seamlessly integrates with your rifle scope for unparalleled thermal imaging performance.

Featuring a high-resolution 384×288 thermal sensor with a remarkable pixel pitch of 12 µm and an impressively low NETD of less than 20 mK, the Thunder 2.0 Clip-On TH35PC delivers exceptionally detailed thermal images, ensuring optimal target detection even at distances of up to 1800 meters. The vivid thermal images are displayed on a crisp 1024×768 (0.39-inch) OLED display, boasting a smooth 50 Hz framerate for enhanced clarity and visibility in any lighting condition.

Experience precise focusing with the convenient focus adjustment knob located atop the thermal imaging attachment, allowing you to fine-tune your view for maximum clarity and accuracy. Capture unforgettable moments with ease using the manual photo and video recording buttons or rely on the recoil-activated recording feature, automatically capturing short videos with audio upon detecting recoil, ensuring you never miss a shot.

With a built-in 16 GB eMMC (embedded multimedia card), photos and videos captured by the Thunder 2.0 Clip-On TH35PC can be conveniently stored onboard and seamlessly transferred to your smartphone via the HikMicro Sight app. Downloadable for free, the HikMicro Sight app offers seamless connectivity, allowing you to adjust settings, review footage, and control your thermal imaging device directly from your mobile device.

Powered by a Li-ion battery, the Thunder 2.0 Clip-On TH35PC provides up to 6.5 hours of continuous operation on a single charge, with standby mode functionality extending battery life for prolonged use. Designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, this thermal imaging attachment is both recoil-resistant and waterproof, boasting an IP67 waterproof rating for dust and water resistance, ensuring reliable performance in any environment.

391.000 kr.

Hikmicro Thunder 2.0 Clip-On TQ35


HIKMICRO presents the new TQ35C 2.0 Clip-On device. Small, light and with market-leading features, Hikmicro sets new standards in the 35mm class. Inside is the new 3D DNR VOX sensor with <20mK sensitivity, a resolution of 640x512 pixels, and a 35mm lens.

Clear and detailed images are available via the viewfinder (in observation mode), in attachment mode via the riflescope, or via WLAN through app integration. The device impresses with high detail sharpness and allows for clear identification of wildlife with the help of intelligent image algorithms and a sensitivity of only 20mK.

The TQ35C 2.0 has a Wi-Fi interface and can be connected to a mobile device via Android or IOS app. This allows you to keep everything in view with the mounted Clip-On device, even without having to constantly look through the optic.

  • 640x512 pixels / 50Hz / 35mm
  • 3D DNR Vox sensor
  • 12 μm high-grade sensor with 20mK
  • 1280x960 OLED Display
  • High detail sharpness and range
  • IP67 protection class, reliable, robust
  • 3-year warranty on the device, 10-year sensor warranty

Technical data

  • Detector: 640x512 / 12 μm
  • Frame rate: 50 Hz
  • Temperature sensitivity: ≤20mK
  • Lens: 35 mm F = 1.0
  • Screen: 1280x960 OLED HD screen
  • Detection: 1800 m
  • Magnification: 1x (digital zoom: 1x, 2x, 4x, 8x (in observation mode))
  • IP protection class: IP67
  • Connections: USB-C / WLAN
  • Internal memory: 16GB
  • Battery: 2x battery pack
  • Max battery life: 6.5 hours
  • Size: 186.5 x 68 x 67.4 mm
  • Weight: 538 g
443.000 kr.

Hikmicro Stellar SQ 50mm


The HIKMICRO Stellar SQ50 Thermal Scope has a 640×512 thermal detector and 1024×768 OLED display, which provides clear image under harsh environment conditions like darkness, fog, smoke, dust, rain, snow, wood, camouflage, etc. The traditional-style 50mm Tube meets the needs of professional hunters who value traditions and seek technological superiority, ensure an extreme detection range of up to 2600 meters.

Key Features:
– 640×512 Thermal resolution, high sensitivity detector, NETD – Supports audio recording
– Supports recoil-activation recording
– Supports video recording and snapshot, built-in EMMC (64GB)
– 1024×768 resolution 0.39-inch OLED display
– Observation distance up to 2600m

561.000 kr.